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    In March 2011, I visited a coal mine located in remote areas of Southeast Asia with a small cessna machine.

    So I still remember the scenery from the sky clearly. A scenery of a coal mine that peeled off the ground beside the small townscape quietly nestled in the nature. A huge drilling and transporting machine that exceeds the imagination, a coal miner who struggles with huge equipment at the site of a coal mine. I often remember feeling a big incongruity when I saw the scenery.

    When I returned to the hotel, I heard the news of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

    I wanted to launch a business that supports the spread of distributed power supply by witnessing the electricity that we used as usual, distortion of centralized nuclear power generation and coal-fired power generation that have supported it.

    (Founder and CEO / Haruumi Shiode)

    Nature's vision is harmony of nature and society.

    We will utilize the Internet and sensor technology to disseminate distributed power sources and create a future where energy can be self-sufficient.

    In Japan where fossil fuel is scarce, a virtual power plant (To control a large number of small power plants and power demand control system as a single power plant collectively) is expected as a substitute for a power supply source that can be utilized at peak times. Since last fiscal year, We have participated in support projects of 13 companies including Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd. and virtual power plant.