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What is Nature Remo?

Nature Remo is a smart remote control that let you connect your appliances to the Internet, making smart home possible for anyone. With Nature Remo, you can control the AC with a smartphone on the go, or you can control the TV, lighting, and other appliances from smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.


Control Appliances on the Go

With Nature Remo, you can control appliances away from home through our App. For example, you can turn on the AC before going home to keep your home at comfortable temperature. Even if you forget to turn the AC off, you can do it from the outside.


Control Appliances with Smart Speakers

By linking Nature Remo to your smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, you will be able to control your appliances by voice.


Automating Appliances

With the Geofence function of our App, it allows you to turn off the AC when you leave the house. You can also turn on the appliances upon waking up using the timer function. In addition, you can control appliances automatically with various sensors as shown above*1.

※1 The on-board sensor varies depending on the model. Please see the model comparison below for details.


Easy to Set Up

As we have presets for major AC and TV remotes, you can easily set up in a few seconds.


How Nature Remo Works

By using Wi-Fi and infrared communication system of Nature Remo, you can control your appliances such as AC and TV by smartphone or smart speaker via Nature Remo.

Nature Remoとは_en.png

Compatibility: appliances that uses infrared remote control such as AC, TV, lighting, and more


Model Comparison


Customer's Voice

It is nice that we can make our old (infrared compatible) appliances into smart ones. Since functions are getting updated more and more, it will be even more convenient in the future, and I am looking forward to it. (male)
I use it with a smart speaker. Because it can control appliances by voice, it is a lot more convenient than we thought. We can control appliances even when we are all tied up doing works like washing or taking care of our children. (Female)
I like the simple design. The app is intuitive and very easy to use too. (Female in 30’s)

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Compatibility・Mobile OS


Appliances : Appliances with infrared remote control such as AC, TV, lighting, cleaning robot *

Mobile : iOS 10.0 or later, Android 5.0 or later model

*Daikin, Panasonic, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, HITACHI, TOSHIBA, FUJITSU, SHARP and other ACs are preset and can be setup easily.