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    CEO / Haruumi Shiode

    He completed a master's degree in Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden in 2008 and lives offshore for three months thereafter. In the six years from 2008 to 2014, he experienced Mitsui's investment management of US IT venture and electric power business development in Southeast Asia. He completed the MBA program at Harvard University in 2016. He set up Nature while He was in Harvard.


    CTO / Daisuke Murase

    He is known as "typester". As a lead engineer of a new business development laboratory at an interesting corporate kayak, he developed numerous services and applications including Facebook phone application "Reengo". After that, he independently worked for four years of company management and participated in Nature in April 2018. He is actively doing open source activities, and the number of repositories published in GitHub exceeds 100.


    Hardware / Daichi Kamizono

    For 10 years he has designed and developed various hardware (electric circuits) from safety door switch to vision sensor at Omron Corporation. He suddenly appeared as a savior of solving hardware problems before the release of Nature Remo, and after that he officially participated.


    Software / Soh Kitahara

    He graduated from the graduate school of policy media at Keio University graduate school (SFC) in 2012. Since he was a student, he developed numerous service and applications such as Lobi at KAYAC Inc. as an engineer of a new business development laboratory. After graduation he decided to support Murase after independence, although he got a job at KAYAC, he changed jobs. Participated in Nature in April 2018.


    Designer / Tomomi Nagao 

    She graduated from Musashino Art College 's Department of Craft and Industrial Design in 2010. Later she worked on mobile design and product design of IoT products at Kyocera Corporation for 8 years. She has worked on Nature Remo 's industrial design since its foundation, and currently handles Nature' s overall design.


    Customer Support / Ryota Kajimoto

    He experienced customer support at the store in Camera Kitamura as the store manager. After that, he experienced customer support with DMM and social game venture.


    Technical advisor / Masakazu Otsuka

    He planned and developed an infrared remote control "IRKit" with open source WiFi communication function on its own so as to realize the philosophy "to increase the number of people making home appliances with devices that operate home appliances with iPhone". He is a founding member of Nature and handles the initial development of Nature Remo.



    Advisor/ Shikhar Ghosh

    In 1996 he listed Open Market on NASDAQ. After that, over the past 20 years, he is going on numerous startups as a continuous entrepreneur. He currently works as a senior lecturer at Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School.


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