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    1. Preparation
    a) Make sure the Wi-Fi network.
    b) Please download and install the Remo app from App Store or Google Play.

    2. Account registration
    a) After launching the app, press the "register account" button and enter your email address and your name.
    b) When user registration is completed, please press "Let's set up Remo next".

    3. Register Nature Remo
    a) Insert the plug into Remo.


    b) Press "Open Wi-Fi Settings", select Remo (Remo-XXXXXX for a network name), enter the password ("natureremo") and return to the Remo app.


    c)Please select your home Wi-Fi network and enter the password.


    d) (Only when you use the old model) please touch Remo.

    e) When setup is completed, press "Next" and enter the name of Remo.



    4. Register remote control

    a) Please press "+" in the upper right of the control screen and select "Add New Appliance".


    b) Choose the sort of new appliance you want to register and press power button or stop button.

    In this time, we choose “Split AC“ for example.


    c) Perform operation check and if the control is recognized properly, please press "Perfect, It's working".
    (If it does not work, if you choose "Not working", other candidates will be displayed.)


    d) Please enter the name of appliance, select the icon, and press "Save".


    e) Setup is complete. Enjoy comfortable Remo life!

    We are prepare AC, TV and Light preset database for your setting.

    If you want to add new appliances except AC, TV and Light, refer to this page.