Turning on your AC when you enter an area near your house

This tutorial will explain how to register your Nature Remo so that it will turn on your AC when you are near your house.

Creating a new applet

1. Go to "My applets" inside the IFTTT app, and tap "+".
(Click here to learn more about what applets are. In a nutshell, you can determine 'if' events and 'then' actions (e.g. If the trigger event happens, then an action will be taken))

Setting 'an area near your house' as a trigger

2. Tap 'this'.

3. Tap location.

4. Select 'you enter an area' as a trigger.

5. Tap connect.

6. Tap allow.

7. Select your location.

Setting 'turn on AC' as action

8. Tap 'that'.

9. Search for Nature Remo under 'search services', and select the action in which you want Remo to take.

10. Select the target AC and configure target temperature, operation mode, and air volume, then tap 'next'.

Confirming your settings

11. Tap 'finish' after confirming your settings.

12. You will see the screen below if you successfully register the applet. This will now allow you to turn on your AC once you are near your house.