Operate appliances using IFTTT from Google Home

In this tutorial we will explain how to operate appliances from Google Home using Nature Remo. Here, we will explain how to turn on the TV from Google Home with the keyword "turn on the TV" (it can be set for lighting and AC in the same procedure).

Those who are using IFTTT for the first time, please finish initial setting of IFTTT first.

Seeting up IFTTT

Create a new Applet

1. In the IFTTT app, go to My Applets screen and press "+" in the upper right.



Register "Google Assistant" as Trigger

2. Press "this".


3. In Search service, enter "Google Assistant" and select Google Assistant.


4. Select "Say a simple phrase".


5. Press Connect.

6. Select the account you used to sign up for Google Assistant.

7. Press "Allow".

8. Decide how to interact with Google Assistant. Please enter as follows.

What do you want to say? (What do you want to use as a keyword): Turn on the TV ※ 1

What do you want the Assistant to say in response?(How do you want you to respond to it?): Sure

Language: English

* 1 Depending on the keyword, it does not work well, so please try after registering.

* 2 By entering keywords also in "What's another way to say it?" or "And another way?", it can correspond to multiple patterns. Because the power on/off of the TV is the same signal, you can enable on/off operation with one applet by registering "Turn off the TV" with "What's another way to say it?".


Register "Starting TV" as Action

9. Press "that".


10. In Search service, enter "Nature Remo" and select Nature Remo.


11. Select "Control home appliances".
* If you want to control the AC, please select "Turn on air conditioner" or "Turn off air conditioner" here.


12. Select the button of the appliance you want to control. Here we choose the button "On" of the appliance "TV".
Confirm settings


13. After confirming the contents, press "Finish".


14. When registration is completed, the following screen appears. Now if you talk to Google Home "OK, Google. Turn on the TV", you will be able to watch TV !

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