Setting up IFTTT

This tutorial will explain how to setup IFTTT for the first time.

(The instructions will be explained assuming use of iPhone)

What is IFTTT

IFTTT is an app that connect two applications using an applet. An applet is a combination of trigger and action on the simple concept of “if this then that”. “This” refers to the trigger, such as “entering an neighborhood near my house”, and “that” refers to actions, “turning on the AC” for instance.

Instaling IFTTT app, and creating an IFTTT account

1. Download and install IFTTT from the App Store.
(In the case of Android, download from Google Play)

2. After installing the app,  run the app and create an IFTTT account. You can create the account by either logging in with Google/Facebook, or by registering an e-mail address/password.


Connect IFTTT with Nature Remo

3. After logging in, search for “Nature Remo” in the search menu within IFTTT.

4. Nature Remo should appear in the search results. Tap the icon and click on “Connect”.

5. Enter your e-mail address.

6. After receiving an e-mail from, click on the magic link and click “Authorize”.

7. After clicking the “Authorize” button, if you see the screen below, IFTTT has successfully connected with Nature Remo. Please enjoy this feature!

Haruumi Shiode