Q44. I want to check my IP adress of Nature Remo

Enter the "dns-sd -B _remo._tcp" command from the Mac Terminal and check the Instance Name of your Remo.

% dns-sd -B _remo._tcp
Browsing for _remo._tcp
DATE: ---Mon 24 Apr 2017---
15:11:14.507  ...STARTING...
Timestamp    A/R     Flags  if Domain     Service Type         Instance Name
15:11:15.862   Add       2   4 local.               _remo._tcp.          Remo-XXXXXX

Replace it with the Instance Name of your Remo and execute the command "dns-sd -G v4 Remo-XXXXXX.local". The one described in Address becomes the IP address assigned to Remo.

% dns-sd -G v4 Remo-XXXXXX.local
DATE: ---Mon 24 Apr 2017---
15:11:30.864  ...STARTING...
Timestamp     A/R Flags if Hostname                               Address                                      TTL
15:11:30.864  Add     2  4 Remo-XXXXXX.local.                                      120