Q18. How to set up the rules?

A rule is a scheme that can automate 'when X happens', 'control home appliances'. You can setup rules by following the directions below (This feature is currently supported only on iOS).

This post will explain how to setup 'if you are near your house within a 200m radius, turn on your AC'.

Create a new rule

Click on the '+' button on the top right to create a new rule.

Set trigger settings

Tap 'trigger settings' to set the conditions in which the control will happen.

Tap 'arriving at home'.

Set the region that the trigger will happen. Pressing '+' or '-' can change the region. After setting the region, click on 'done' on the top right corner.

Set control settings

Tap 'control settings' to determine what will happen after the trigger event.

Choose which appliance will be controlled.

The screen below is when the user chooses an AC. Determine the temperature, volume, mode, and power on/off. In this example, the AC will turn on at 18C at auto volume on cool mode. Once you are done setting up, click on 'done' on the top right corner.

This is the confirmation screen. If there are no issues with your trigger and control, tap 'save' on the top right corner.

Congratulations! You are done setting up your rule.