Nature Inc is a for profit corporation that is developing solutions to create a better harmony between people and nature. Nature's current focus is improving residential energy management with smart AC control and demand response services.

Over a century ago, the Industrial Revolution radically changed the way that people interact with the earth's resources. As the world economy grows, we are approaching the limits of natural systems to accommodate its needs. At Nature, we believe that we can deliver better services to society and reduce stress on the environment at the same time. In other words, we make products that improve people's lives, and the world that they live in.

“After I graduated, I took a three month, thousand mile sailing trip with my father on his boat. One night, I was alone on deck with the sound of the waves and surrounded by the beautiful phenomena of nature, I felt the wind blow, and, a couple of seconds later, the boat moved as if it replied to the wind. I experienced the perfect harmony of nature with something man had created. This moment brought an uplifting feeling to me, showed that human beings are created to exist with nature on a genetic level, and ignited my desire to bring people into greater harmony with nature”

Founder and CEO / Haruumi Shiode